Jony Guedj

January 2016

w/ Hermes Baby

Autoroute du Soleil

“Autoroute Du Soleil” (Official Music Video)

Special thanks to American Apparel, Thomas Rousselot, Sharon Vion, Kiko, Julien et Raphi for their precious help.

« Autoroute du soleil » By the french duo Hermes Baby

Written, composed and recorded By Hermes Baby
Mixed by Juan Clemente.
Masterised in Color Sound Studio.

Directed, filmed, colored & edited by Jony Guedj
Starring Diane Morvan & Mélie Hirtz
DOPs : Lenny Grosman & Téva vetea
Assistant Director : Romain Mounier
Script Girl : Jennifer Ourselin
1st camera assistant : Loris de Oliveira
Lighting Crew: Louis Evennou & Gwendolyne Thevenet
Grip : Alexis Benot
Make-Up : Michael Arasco
Production Manager : Jim Schachmes
Location Managers : Valentin Françoise & Vincent Duluc
Equipment : SMD Studio & TRANSPAGROUP



Jony Guedj